Decatur Island, Washington

Decatur Island, which lies a short distance from the eastern spur of Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands, is a small secluded community.  The only public property on the island is a boat ramp through which barging services deliver vehicles and freight from Anacortes; all other land is privately owned including a school building and rustic golf course.  Decatur can be accessed only by boat and air with charter services providing passenger-ferry and air transport from Anacortes and Bellingham respectively.  Personal access is limited however as the airstrip and docks are privately owned and permission must be granted by the residents for personal craft to land or dock.

The Decatur Island residential community is divided into three residential areas.  The population is small but very vibrant supporting a Farmer’s Market during the summertime as well as maintaining a school for kids K-8th grade.  Part time residents, a feature common to the San Juan Islands, also make up a portion of Decatur’s population.

Decatur Island is supplied with power and running water but has no county facilities or Post Office; local residents use the Anacortes Post Office and Zip Code for mail.  County support service is provided when needed from nearby Lopez Island.